HT1500U: Autosampler for Ion Chromatography



September 21, 2021

HT1500U is an HTA autosampler able to fully automate the sample loading into the Ion Chromatograph for the anions and cations analysis. HT1500U perfectly fits the most of the ICs available on the market and allows a seamless integration with the most of the Data Systems. HT1500U has been engineered to offer the best balance between quality and affordability to perfectly fit the requirements of standard IC applications. HT1500U supports stainless steel as well as polymeric needles to deal with metal sensitive applications. HT1500U holds multiple racks - each of them removable- to allow continuous sample feeding and more convenient operations. The on-board solvent reservoir allows for the needle and the whole flowpath to be cleaned before processing the next sample. HT1500U supports open as well as sealed tubes.

Analytical TechniquesAutomationChromatography

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