Simple and Straightforward High-Throughput Proteomics Analysis With Michael A. Hinterberg



September 16, 2021

Proteomics data, which represent the current state of health in an individual are increasingly available and described in numerous published results. However, the depth of data still might be daunting to those who have not yet worked with it. This Teach Me in 10 will provide an overview and inspiration for obtaining and analyzing high-dimensional proteomic data, showing how proteomic data are readily accessible for exploratory data analysis and hypothesis testing to those who are already familiar with genomic analysis or traditional statistics in other scientific fields. We will describe how proteomic datasets with thousands of protein measurements per sample, such as SomaScan, can be understood, compared, visualized and linked to genomic and other -omics data. We will also show examples of sample data and analyses, and rapid discovery of novel findings in COVID-19 and cardiovascular medicine.

GenomicsMass SpectrometryNext-Generation SequencingProteomics and Metabolomics

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