Table of Contents - Volume 12, Issue 19



September 14, 2021

View the latest oncology-focused research published in this week’s issue of Oncotarget, Volume 12, Issue 19. Cover Paper - “Nanoparticle T cell engagers for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia” News - “Old drug, new trick: proton pump inhibitors find new purpose in cancer care” (PDF Download) Research Paper - “Novel insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying risk of colorectal cancer from smoking and red/processed meat carcinogens by modeling exposure in normal colon organoids” Research Paper - “Altered glucuronidation deregulates androgen dependent response profiles and signifies castration resistance in prostate cancer” Research Paper - “The antitumoral effects of chemerin are independent from leukocyte recruitment and mediated by inhibition of neoangiogenesis” Research Paper - “Exploratory comparisons between different anti-mitotics in clinically-used drug combination in triple negative breast cancer” Research Paper - “High expression of Myosin 1g in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia” Case Report - “Polyclonal on- and off-target resistance mutations in an EML4-ALK positive non-small cell lung cancer patient under ALK inhibition” Research Perspective - “Towards precision oncology in angiosarcomas using next generation “omic” technologies” Research Perspective - “Targeting AP-1 transcription factors by CRISPR in the prostate” Research Perspective - “The role of dynamic phenotypes in cancer” Keywords - colon organoids, acute myeloid leukemia, prostate cancer, chemerin, KIF11 inhibition, breast cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, ALK inhibitors, rare cancer, dynamic phenotype, Lung cancer, cancer, science, research, oncology About Oncotarget Oncotarget is a bi-weekly, peer-reviewed, open access biomedical journal covering research on all aspects of oncology. To learn more about Oncotarget, please visit or connect with: SoundCloud - Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - Instagram - YouTube - Pinterest - Reddit - Oncotarget is published by Impact Journals, LLC. Please visit or connect with @ImpactJrnls Media Contact MEDIA@IMPACTJOURNALS.COM 18009220957

Cancer Research

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