Quick Scalable Genetic Tests for Hemp and Cannabis



August 26, 2021

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  • Speaking at the Analytical Cannabis Expo East Online 2020 back in October, Dr Sebastian Mana-Capelli, Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Owner and Mark Joubert, ESQ, Chief Legal Officer & Co-Owner at Verne Bioanalytics presented a new tool for quick genetic testing of cannabis and hemp. Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa (commonly referred to as “Hemp” and “Cannabis” collectively) have demonstrated a wide spectrum of useful applications throughout history with early uses dating back two millennia. Today Cannabis has become a widely used commodity and as such the need to grow and harvest various strains efficiently is a central concern for farmers. One major concern for farmers is identifying a plant’s gender as early as possible to reduce various costs. One of the greatest expenses to farmers is the cost of gender misclassification. Current methods used to ensure gender classification are inaccurate and require plant maturation for gender identification. DNA, provides the blue print for gender identification. A range of tests can be utilized to correlate and identify gender as well as other characteristics of interest. While there are some tests available in the market, relatively speaking, the current development of useful techniques is in its infancy and require skilled persons to perform laboratory techniques. We offer scalable, quick, genetic tests that require minimal equipment and laboratory expertise to perform. Chromatic indicators are engineered into these tests that provide color changes to confirm genotypic traits. We have developed genetic tests to differentiate male versus female as early as a germinated seed. Plans to expand and collaborate to other useful tests are underway. Please come by and tell us about your growing pains.

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