Chemistry webinar preview: Productivity and parallel Chemistry tools



August 16, 2021

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  • Watch the parallel chemistry webinar here: To watch any of our chemistry webinars visit: This webinar provides a hands-on walk through the Carousel 6 Plus and 12 Plus in detail. We look at all the tools and accessories in this range and run through the operation and setup. We include information on using a Carousel, running efficient reflux experiments and any necessary maintenance. Whether using a single position or all 12, the Carousel 12 Plus is an efficient way to perform chemical synthesis. Reduce time and save space in your chemistry laboratory by performing up to 12 chemical reactions in parallel on a single magnetic stirring hotplate. A great addition to your chemistry lab equipment and ideal for the following organic and inorganic chemistry applications: catalyst screening, medicinal chemistry, reaction screening, combinatorial chemistry, drug discovery, parallel solution phase chemistry, solid supported reagent based synthesis and much more. • Accepts up to 12 tubes with a reaction volume from 1 to 20 ml. • Powerful, even stirring - fits on to a Carousel Stirring Hotplate. • Rapid heating to 180 ˚C and cooling to -78 ˚C. • Quick to set-up and easy to use. • Easy viewing of tube contents during experiments. • Water-cooled reflux head. • Perform reactions under an inert atmosphere. • Fluoropolymer coating for chemical resistance and easy cleaning. • PTFE caps feature a ‘quick-thread’ for fast attachment to tubes. • Removable reflux head allows reaction tubes to be transferred between heated base, cooled base or stand. The Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station simultaneously heat/cool, stir and reflux up to 6 reactions under an inert atmosphere using a single hotplate. A time- and space-saving way to set up 1 to 6 round bottom flasks on one stirring hotplate. A wide range of flasks available from 5 ml to 250 ml. Operating temperature range from -78 ˚C to +180 ˚C. • Powerful, even stirring to all 6 positions - uses the 'Carousel principle' (secondary magnetic field) • Use the hotplate for rapid heating up to 180 ˚C via the aluminium base. • Integrated refluxing via the water-cooled reflux head - single source of water needed for all the reactions • Inert all 6 reactions with a single inert gas connection. • Use the Carousel cooling reservoir for cooling reactions down to -78 ˚C. For more information on Carousel 12 Plus visit: For more information on Carousel 6 Plus: To book an online demo visit: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:​ Twitter:​ #medicinalchemistry #multiplereactions #drugdevelopment

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