Heavy Metals in Hemp Extract Products



August 3, 2021

Speaking at The Science of Cannabis Extraction 2021 online symposium, Diane Pickett, Chief of the Laboratorya at the Division of Food Safety, Florida Department of Agriculture and Dr Serena Giovinazzi, Environmental Manager of the Bureau of Quality Management at the Division of Food Safety, Florida Department of Agriculture, presented their recent research on heavy metals in hemp extracts. Abstract: The Department’s mission is to protect consumers from food products that may contain harmful contaminants above the allowable limits established to safeguard human health. To this end, the Division of Food Safety of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has been collecting and analyzing hemp oils from retail establishments for contaminants and cannabinoid content claims since January of 2020. Initial findings indicate that the retail product that reaches customers for consumption, may have a different composition than when the product was originally manufactured. This presentation will focus on lead, the most prevalent heavy metal found in the hemp oil products tested. Also, data on the possible sources of contamination, including packaging materials, will be presented.

Analytical TechniquesCannabis ScienceChromatographyFood and Beverage

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