How to use vials/tubes with the Mya 4 Reaction Station for reaction optimization



June 14, 2021

Dr Keren Abecassis shows how to use vials and tubes with Radleys Mya 4 Reaction Station. The Mya 4 Reaction Station accommodates a wide range of glassware, including a variety of tubes and vials such as: HPLC vials, scintillation vials, Biotage tubes for sealed reactions, GreenHouse tubes and Carousel 12 tubes. To use a certain type of vial, pick the right aluminium insert and drop it in one of the zones of your Mya 4. Then place the required number of vials in the insert, add the recommended stirrer bars, and caps if using. All the tubes/vials are now positioned in a circle at the same distance from the magnet in the centre, which means the stirring will be same in all positions. You can use your own tubes and vials, as long as you have the right aluminium insert. And if we don’t already have an insert for your usual tubes/vials, we can do custom ones. Heating and cooling several tubes and vials is easy with the Mya 4 Reaction Station; especially as it accommodates a variety of commonly used options. The Mya 4 Reaction Station is a 4-zone reaction station from Radleys, offering safe and precise heating, active cooling, software control and data-logging for 24/7 unattended chemistry. The Mya 4 Reaction Station, part of Radleys scientific tools, is a chemistry workstation for your reaction optimisation needs with maximum flexibility in a single piece of equipment from 2 ml to 400 ml vessels. The Mya 4 Reaction Station is a flexible chemical synthesis tool for a wide range of chemistry applications including: Process development, Design of Experiment (DoE), Scale up, Crystallisation studies, Route scouting, Polymorph screening, Lead optimisation, Single or parallel synthesis, Reaction optimisation, Reagent, catalyst & solvent screening, Crystallisation studies, medicinal chemistry. For more information visit To book a demo visit: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:​ Twitter:​ #chemistry #reactionstation #medicinalchemistry

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