Did you know? Mya 4 vessels give you a great seal - important for containing chemicals



June 14, 2021

Did you know the Radleys' Mya 4 Reaction Station vessels have been designed to give a gas tight seal? Dr Keren Abecassis shows you how a tight seal is important to ensure containment of chemicals during reactions. A good way to show the tightness of the Mya 4 vessel seal is to apply vacuum. In this video we put a Mya 4 vessel assembly to the test with a vacuum pump. A tight seal is useful if vacuum is needed. But more commonly, when refluxing solvents for long hours, this will prevent solvent loss between the vessel and the lid. And when working with toxic chemicals, it’s important to ensure these are contained. The Mya 4 Reaction Station is a 4-zone reaction station from Radleys, offering safe and precise heating, active cooling, software control and data-logging for 24/7 unattended chemistry. The Mya 4 Reaction Station, part of Radleys scientific tools, is a chemistry workstation for your reaction optimisation needs with maximum flexibility in a single piece of equipment from 2 ml to 400 ml vessels. The Mya 4 Reaction Station is a flexible chemical synthesis tool for a wide range of chemistry applications including: Process development, Design of Experiment (DoE), Scale up, Crystallisation studies, Route scouting, Polymorph screening, Lead optimisation, Single or parallel synthesis, Reaction optimisation, Reagent, catalyst & solvent screening, Crystallisation studies, medicinal chemistry. Process development work is much faster, with multiple temperature profiles run independently. With the Mya 4 Reaction Station, it’s quick and easy to set up Process Vessels with overhead stirring as well as performing automated chemistry. Process development chemists and process development scientists worldwide use the Mya 4 Reaction Station for its accurate temperature control (controlling exothermic reactions safely), flexibility and ease-of-use. Read our case studies here: https://www.radleys.com/case-studies/... For more information visit www.radleys.com/mya4 To book a demo visit: https://calendly.com/automated-reacti... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/radleys_che... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/radleyschemi... LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/77309​ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Radleys​ #chemistry #laboratoryequipment #processdevelopment

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