Predicting the future: humanized drug evaluation testing using organ-on-a-chip technology



April 19, 2021

CN Bio’s mission is to transform drug discovery through the development of disruptive single and multi-organ microphysiological systems (MPS), otherwise known as organ-on-a-chip, that optimise the accuracy and productivity of bringing new medicines to market. By supporting more efficient drug discovery, before having to go to advanced and expensive animal or human clinical trials, CN Bio’s MPS can provide significant savings in cost and time. This short video will introduce you to CN Bio and what differentiates us as a company. It details: 1) our mission to help improve the accuracy and efficiency of drug discovery by providing researchers with the ability to generate predictive human-relevant information. 2) use of advanced single and multi-organ in vitro models, cultured using CN Bio's PhysioMimix™ OOC, to facilitate faster, cheaper and more insightful decisions regarding compound progression into the clinic versus traditional techniques alone. 3) the benefits of an organ-on-a-chip approach to drug metabolism and toxicology applications such as DILI, Human ADME, metabolite driven toxicity, on and off-target effects 4) how to access this technology in your own lab, or through our in house testing services

Cell CultureCell ScienceDrug DiscoveryMicrofluidics

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