Non-Invasive & Real-Time Cell Analysis on Standard Well Plates Directly in Your Incubator



April 16, 2021

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  • REAL-TIME CELL ANALYSIS The RESIPHER series of cell culture monitors are the world's first handheld devices to measure oxygen consumption in standard multi-well plates, providing continuous insight directly from your incubator. STREAM ANYWHERE Monitor and analyze your data from anywhere with Lucid Lab - a cross-platform app for managing experiments, monitoring performance, and visualizing data. With our extensible open API, Lucid supports a variety of custom system integrations. Gain insights into your experimental results remotely and rapidly iterate your experiment designs with your team in real-time. TECHNOLOGY To achieve its capabilities, RESIPHER incorporates multiple innovations. Key among these are an array of ultra-sensitive dissolved oxygen sensors developed by Lucid, along with dynamic vertical micro-movements that scan the oxygen gradient formed by metabolically active cells. These innovations give researchers insights into dynamic cellular responses never before seen. CONFIGURABLE SYSTEMS RESIPHER systems are currently available in 4-channel and 32-channel formats. With up to 8 devices on a single hub, the RESIPHER can meet the needs of any lab, big or small. Sensing lids arrive sterilized and calibrated and are compatible with standard 96-well plates including Nunc, Falcon, and Greiner. COLLABORATE Lucid Lab's public platform ( provides a space for exploring shared experiment data, while the private space ( is the portal to your experiments both private and public. At experiment data showing cell growth and drug dose response are featured. Additional showcase experiments are added continuously as they are performed.

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