How to maintain your rotary evaporator for distillations and solvent extractions



April 13, 2021

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  • In this video we demonstrate how to maintain your Heidolph rotary evaporator. We will show you how to disassemble the glassware and clean it, how to inspect and clean the vacuum seal and finally how to reassemble the glassware ready for evaporation and efficient distillations. Regular maintenance of your rotary evaporator will ensure that it stays in top working condition and gives the best vacuum tightness for efficient distillations. Keeping your rotary evaporator well maintained will also reduce the risk of cross contamination of different samples when evaporating different batches of products. The Hei-VAP series of rotary evaporators from Heidolph are ideal for evaporating, distilling and extracting solvents. The Hei-VAP benchtop rotary evaporators are used around the world for chemical research, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, process development, solvent recovery, solvent recycling, CBD extractions, product drying etc. The Hei-VAP rotary evaporators feature: • Industry leading safety features • Easy to remove glass vapour tube, clamping sleeve and graphite filled PTFE seal, engineered to reduce wear and consumption of spares by up to 75% • Patented Easy-Clip flask clamp enables removal of flasks from the drive, without jamming • 3 year warranty standard on all Hei-VAP models • Novel detachable operating panel, which allows precise control of all important parameters outside the fume hood. • Upgraded design of heating bath has IP67 rating, heats to an unmatched 210°C, accepts large flasks up to 5 litres and features a convenient pouring spout for spill free emptying • Optional plastic coated glass sets to protect you from implosions • Unbeatable lowest cost of ownership throughout the life of the Hei-VAP Rotary Evaporator • Rotation speed and heating bath temperature are controlled by two separate operating knobs which are illuminated by LED ring lights • Both controls can be locked to prevent accidental changing of the values, perfect for teaching labs • Heating knob lights up orange to indicate when heating is active and when in standby mode, blinks when the bath is over 50 ˚C to prevent burns • Display panel is made of glass-bead strengthened material that is splash water resistant in accordance with IP 42 • Heating bath has new ergonomic handles and pour spout to make emptying safe and simple. It also has an IP 67 rated power cable to protect against short circuits and corrosion Find out more at To book a demo, visit: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:​ Twitter:​ #heidolph #organicsynthesis #solventextration

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