HT1500: Autosampler for Flow-Through cell applications (UV-VIS, NIR spectrophotometer and colorimeter)



April 7, 2021

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  • HT1500U can be used in a number of flow-through-cell (also known as flow-through cuvette or quartz cell) applications such as: UV-VIS, NIR, colorimeters and many more. HT1500U is the best choice for anyone who is looking for immediate automation, potentially avoiding the need to source an expensive sipper. Beside the undoubted productivity boost, HT1500U will increase analysis robustness and will significatively reduce carry-over: you can indeed programme as many washing cycles as you need for this purpose; sample replicas and calibration curve could be conveniently run whenever needed with no fuss. Moreover, in case you have a precious sample to analyse, you should not worry anymore about product handling (with the relative risk of sample spill or waste): HT1500U could automatically bring back the sample inside its vessel after the analysis instead of displacing it to the waste tank. HT1500U can be deployed in any environment, lab or production, and operated by anyone with no or minimal training. Just load the samples on the autosampler carousel and press the start button: the autosampler and the spectrophotometer or colorimeter will take care of your analysis for you.

    Analytical TechniquesAutomationMicrofluidicsSpectroscopy

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