How Can Metabolomics Accelerate Natural Product Discovery?



January 28, 2021

The global use of natural products has been increasing at a steady pace. LC-MS-based metabolomics can be used to provide an unbiased, comprehensive, qualitative and quantitative overview of the metabolites present in natural products. In this webinar, Simon Fraser University Department of Chemistry professor Roger Linington will discuss discovery metabolomics in natural product research and the applications of his team’s Natural Products (NP) Atlas, an open-access record of over 25,000 natural products. The NP Atlas contains structural and chemical data for all microbially-derived natural products published in the peer-reviewed primary scientific literature. Integration of this curated knowledge base with a discovery metabolomics workflow can provide a knowledge-guided approach for the identification and interpretation of metabolomics data in natural products discovery research.

Drug DiscoveryProteomics and Metabolomics

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