Harnessing Novel MS Approaches (MAM, IEX-MS ) To Accelerate Biotherapeutic Development and Analysis



January 28, 2021

As liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC/MS) becomes more widely adopted for the analysis of biotherapeutics, researchers continue to discover new and advanced uses for this technology. In this webinar, Ben Niu, Ph.D., Scientist II, AstraZeneca, explains how his company is implementing novel LC/MS workflows on a fully automated platform to improve systematic product analysis and throughput. Dr Niu will demonstrate how AstraZeneca’s high-throughput multi-attribute method (MAM) workflows provide more information and dramatic time savings. He will show how MAM has the potential to replace traditional methods, such as released glycans, charge variant and sequence variant analysis, with correlated results to demonstrate comparability. He will focus on how new peak detection provides critical information that was previously unavailable, extending product and method knowledge. In addition, Dr Niu will describe how the marriage of ion exchange chromatography (IEX) and MS within MAM provides accelerated characterization of product charge heterogeneity.

BiopharmaChromatographyDrug Discovery

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