Microplastics Analysis in Minutes Not Hours



January 28, 2021

Microplastics in the environment are fast coming into focus as we are beginning to understand just how far these man-made products have infiltrated ecosystems and food chains alike. Contamination in our waterways, air and food (e.g. bottled water) from these microplastics (1 micron to 5 mm in size) is gaining significant public interest due mainly to their emergence as an environmental and potential human health threat. While regulators are trying to understand the extent and toxicity of the problem, researchers and analytical methods bodies are working towards standardized analytical solutions to best characterize these particles. Mid-infrared and Raman spectroscopy are fast emerging as leading techniques for this work. They are non-destructive and effective, and while they have benefits over traditional methods, neither method is fast or easy.

Environmental MonitoringEnvironmental ScienceFood and BeverageMass Spectrometry

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