Glycan Microarray Assay



April 7, 2023

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  • Glycan microarray has become a sensitive and versatile approach for the analysis of glycosylation changes in complex biological samples. It can not only investigate glycan-GBPs binding but also provide kinetic analysis of glycan–protein interactions. Nowadays, this application has rapidly expanded and now achieves successful discrimination of selective interactions between glycans and, not only proteins, but also viruses, bacteria and eukaryotic cells, and most recently even live cell responses to immobilized glycans. Glycan microarray can be used to discover functional glycans, characterize glycan-processing enzymes, and detect pathogens for diagnosis. It is also suitable for monitoring multiple molecular interactions with biomolecules where glycans are involved, offering a large variety of bioassay options. As one of the leading companies in the omics field with over years of experience in omics study, Creative Proteomics provides Glycan Microarray Assay customized to your needs.

    Proteomics and Metabolomics

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