Advancing Interactomics Workflows with 4D-Proteomics on the timsTOF Pro



January 28, 2021

You will hear from leaders in the field using the uncompromised scan speed, sensitivity and robustness of the timsTOF Pro mass spectrometer to elucidate protein-protein interaction networks. André Michaelis (Professor Matthias Mann Lab at MPI) will present TIMS and PASEF® technology and its application in successfully performing over 4150 pull-downs and the completion of more than 8300 LCMS measurements in less than 20 weeks for proteome-wide interaction studies in S. cerevisiae. Professor Peter Jackson (Stanford University) will present on how combining affinity purification mass-spectrometry (AP/MS) and shotgun proteomics with genetic interaction mapping reveals new proteins critical for KRAS-driven cancers.

Mass SpectrometryMolecular BiologyProteomics and Metabolomics

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