Multi-analyte Thyroid Function Testing by LC-MS/MS: A New Way To Look at Thyroid Functions?



January 28, 2021

The bioactive thyroid hormone metabolite (THM) 3,3’,5-triiodothyronine (T3) is essential for the adequate function of virtually all cells in the human body. Thyroid hormones are predominantly metabolized via deiodination but alternative metabolic pathways including oxidative deamination also exist. We developed a nine THM panel to provide insight into the (patho)physiology of THM. Our THM panel can quantify seven iodothyronines and two iodothyroacetic acids in a single analysis. In this webinar, we will discuss an overview of published THM methods, analytical challenges including diverse chemical properties of THM and future perspectives.

ChromatographyDiagnosticsProteomics and Metabolomics

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