Rapid Intact Charge Variant Analysis with Coupled icIEF-MS



January 27, 2021

Testing is required to monitor modifications in biopharmaceutical development, from clone selection to manufacturing. However, current testing approaches for intact proteins are time-consuming and don’t provide real-time analytics to drive decision making. In this webinar, Eric Carlson, President and CEO of Protein Metrics, will demonstrate how the Byos® Vendor-neutral Mass Spec Analysis platform, enables efficient analysis of Intact data for Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs). Erik Gentalen will share how Intabio’s Blaze platform utilizes microfluidic icIEF technology coupled with mass spectrometry to characterize intact protein charge variant with 100-fold higher throughput at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. John Teare, VP, Biological Development & Manufacturing at Coagulent Therapeutics, will discuss how his company is using these technologies for some of the most challenging research: coagulation factors for bleeding disorders.

BiopharmaMass SpectrometryProteomics and Metabolomics

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