Lunatic is ready for anything: UV/Vis quantification for upstream and downstream needs



January 27, 2021

Choosing one protein quantification tool that spans upstream and downstream workflows means that sample volume, throughput, and accuracy are all critical factors. Big Lunatic has always blown away other UV/Vis spectrometers for fast, accurate quantification of proteins, and now it’s even more dead-on with improved accuracy to within 2%. Plus, Big Lunatic still uses just 2 μL to read up to 96 different samples, all in about 5 minutes. This talk will show several case studies focused on accurate reads of NIST standards, pharmacopoeia-compliant CRMs, and model proteins on Big Lunatic and will introduce the certified Fundamentals kit to show off the system’s precision, accuracy, and linearity whenever you want. For downstream and QC environments, this talk will also review USP and Ph. Eur. standards for UV/Vis spectrophotometry and demonstrate how Big Lunatic is ready for performance verification against these rigorous requirements.

BiopharmaProteomics and MetabolomicsSpectroscopy

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