How to connect devices to lab control software for automation of a jacketed lab reactor



January 6, 2021

This video demonstrates how simple it is to connect a device to AVA Lab Control Software and automate your Jacketed Lab Reactor. AVA allows you to automate your chemistry, to perform controlled additions with your organic reactions and control your jacketed reactor. Our laboratory software will control up to 4 reaction systems as well as control and data log multiple devices connected to any lab reactor or lab reactor system. Control up to 4 reaction systems with up to 16 devices on one screen Create complex experiments with any number of steps in series or parallel Pre-program multi-step recipes, with the flexibility to make and track on-the-fly adjustments Interlink devices and set feedback/control loops, end-point conditions and safety limits Automate cooling of your Jacketed Lab Reactor during exothermic events Link devices such as balances and pumps for controlled, unattended reagent addition Define safety overrides and cut-off conditions With AVA, reaction parameters are automatically logged so that the user is able to repeat experiments accurately for reproducible and consistent results. Reports can be created in a few clicks and the data can be exported as a CSV file for further analysis making it a powerful tool for process chemists, kilo labs, research and development and scale-up chemists alike.


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