Smart ideas for your organic chemistry lab - Setting up a reflux safely on your stirring hotplate



January 6, 2021

Take a look at three smart chemistry equipment that can improve the safety and sustainability in your chemistry laboratory. If you use round bottom flasks, liebig condensers, magnetic stirrer hot plates, oil heating baths or heating mantles, these ideas can help make you synthetic chemistry safer, cleaner, greener and more productive. Magnetic stirring hotplate Our hotplates allow magnetic stirring and heating, with fast heat-up times and excellent heat transfer. Learn what makes a great hot plate stirrer that will last you years. Waterless chemistry condenser Condense without flowing water using the Findenser waterless air condenser, replacing the need for liebig, allihn and other glass condensers. Tests carried out on solvents with boiling points from 40 degrees C to 90 degrees C show that it is comparable with a water condenser performance. The Findenser air condenser also allows chemists to carry out reflux reactions overnight without the risk of leaks or worse still, flooding your lab. Heat-On - the safe alternative to oil baths The safest, fastest and cleanest way to heat and stir round bottom flasks from 10 ml to 5 Litres. Heat-On aluminium heating blocks replace messy oil baths and heating mantles. Heat-On will reduce oil spills and oil fires in your chemistry lab. These clever chemistry tools will help towards a more sustainable and greener chemistry laboratory by reducing water consumption, remove the use of nasty heating oils, reduce power consumption and improved safety.


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