Teach Me in 10 - How Big Data and AI Can Accelerate R&D With Dr Pillhun Son



November 26, 2020

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  • Our guest for this installment of Teach Me in 10 is Dr Pillhun Son, director at CAS. Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) are terms we are hearing more and more as they influence various areas of scientific research. But if you're unfamiliar with data terms, they may sound a little complicated. In this installment of Teach Me in 10, Son explains exactly how Big Data and AI can accelerate research and development. The takeaway points of this presentation are applicable to any form of research, no matter what the application area is. So - keep a pen and paper nearby to make your notes! If you'd like to learn more about Big Data, AI and research and development then you can check out the following resources: Why the Future of Analytical Data Must Consider AI Principles https://www.technologynetworks.com/informatics/articles/why-the-future-of-analytical-data-must-consider-ai-principles-342976 Big Data: Why Researchers Should Look for Depth, Not Breadth https://www.technologynetworks.com/informatics/articles/big-data-why-researchers-should-look-for-depth-not-breadth-343078 The 9 Key Bioinformatics Resources for Analyzing Your Proteomic Data https://www.technologynetworks.com/informatics/lists/the-9-key-bioinformatics-resources-for-analyzing-your-proteomic-data-320963 Solving the Biggest Problems in Data Integrity https://www.technologynetworks.com/informatics/infographics/solving-the-biggest-problems-in-data-integrity-335579 Unlocking the Value of Data in Drug Discovery https://www.technologynetworks.com/informatics/infographics/unlocking-the-value-of-data-in-drug-discovery-307001

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