Will it Extract? Liquid Concealor



November 10, 2020

Our host, Benedict Liu, is a little embarrassed in this episode of Will it Extract? From high school flashbacks to World War II plastic surgery tricks, liquid concealer has played many varying roles. Will Ben overcome his shyness and work with EDGE to correctly prep the sample for analysis of parabens, PFAS, and other potentially harmful chemicals? Getting the sample into the Q Cup (and not on the counter) is Ben's first challenge. As a rather viscous liquid, he wants to make sure it will stay in the Q Cup long enough to be extracted. What sample prep will be involved? And most importantly, can the EDGE handle it? Tune in to see if EDGE can cover! Will it Extract? Watch and find out! Our Applications Teams, Sales Support Staff, and Service Personnel are all available and able to help. Need to contact them? Don't hesitate: Molecular Method Support: molecular.support@cem.com Sales Support: info@cem.com Service/Service Contracts/Hardware: service@cem.com

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