PaSER - Parallel Database Search Engine in Real-time



October 23, 2020

Traditionally data acquisition has been the bottleneck for large scale proteomics. This has also remained one of the limitations in leveraging mass spectrometry within the clinic. PASEF and short gradients have facilitated these large-scale studies in any lab but have pushed the bottleneck downstream to data processing. The timsTOF Pro has made the acquisition of thousands of samples in a modest period reality. Thus, it is now crucial to have real-time results at least in terms of identification to monitor the quality of datasets and intervene in a timely manner when required. This is made possible by Parallel database Search Engine in Realtime (PaSER). PaSER 1.0 is a complete hardware and software solution that has two focuses: Speed and Smarts.

InformaticsMass SpectrometryMolecular BiologyProteomics and Metabolomics

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