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A field water autosampler controlled using Android tablet or smartphone -



October 1, 2020

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    Automated water sampling can be very useful, but open-source choices are limited. Here I present an autosampler which consists of a gantry robot that delivers water from a syringe pump to 24 capped 40 ml vials. The autosampler is controlled using an Android tablet automatized using Macrodroid. Three rinsing cycles ensure negligible carryover between consecutive samples. Hourly sampling from a creek under rainy conditions suggested that total organic carbon in water was diluted by the rain. Some important limitations: 1) the autosampler must be on a steady, flat, horizontal surface; 2) unattended sampling can only last as long as the batteries powering the tablet and the motors; 3) distance from the syringe pump to water cannot exceed ~2 m in height and ~4 m in length for 3 mm tubing; 4) sampling frequency does not exceed one sample every eleven minutes. However, because of its open design, the autosampler can be modified and improved to not only overcome these limitations, but also potentially expand its scope to more demanding sampling if necessary.

    AutomationEnvironmental MonitoringInformatics

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