Teach Me in 10 – Enabling Pharma Manufacturing Through Digital Solutions With Dr Stephen Moore



September 29, 2020

Now – more than ever before – it's critical that pharma QA/QC labs have solutions in place that enable them to deliver medicines faster and safely. How are digital solutions being used to enable pharma manufacturing, particularly in such labs? That is the topic of focus for this industry special of Teach Me in 10, where we're joined by Dr Stephen Moore, Services Manager, Digital Science, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

With 16 years’ industrial experience in clinical diagnostics, genomics and informatics, including laboratory operation, bioinformatics, project management and scientific software implementations, Stephen has built a wealth of knowledge and expertise around LIMS project requirements. Here, he looks at the common challenges experienced by pharmaceutical QA/QC laboratories looking to implement laboratory software solutions, on their digital transformation journey. He discusses the latest digital technologies available to labs, and bring to you some expert advice and guidance for project planning and management to help you ensure successful, timely delivery of your laboratory software solution.

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