Empyrean brings new wonder to XRD



October 7, 2020

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  • We organized their first exclusive digital launch event. A 1,5-hour event that gathered the in-house experts to reveal the latest innovation providing a leapfrog increase in XRD measurement accuracy, along with a live demonstration and Q&A. The 1Der will enable users to exclude fluorescence background from their final data, providing significant increases in XRD system capability. Through improved processing technology, the new detector enables the exclusion of unwanted fluorescence background. Specifically, it contains a state-of-the-art tunable band-pass which can be set closely around the scattering energy, as defined by different X-ray tube sources. This narrower bandwidth of energy discrimination means that other X-ray effects, such as fluorescence or white radiation (also known as bremsstrahlung), do not obscure vital details in the diffraction pattern. This leads to a vastly improved signal to noise and low background in the data. What is more, together with the unique optics on the Empyrean, such as the iCore or Bragg-BrentanoHD, the system provides a step-change in data quality. To find out more

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