Zolix‘s confocal Raman Spectrometer’



November 10, 2020

RTS-Mini confocal Raman System is fully suited to micro measurement and supply mapping function; Raman module is not only very compact & easy to connect by fiber to any spectrograph or micro-Raman system and can be easily switched in and out of the optical path, but also be integrated with most upright microscopes; The flexibility ensure range of options , upgrades and accessories to suit all budgets and different applications; confocal Raman System provided by RTS-Mini is a non-destructive technique with minimum sample preparation required. The sample are extensive materials such as polymer, ceramic and nanomaterials as 2D materials: graphene or monolayer of MoS2 etc. Some biological samples like blood, tissue and cell are suitable for Raman measurement by certain laser excitation wavelength; Raman is an ideal technique for research and industry offering high quality data, reliability, versatility over other analytical techniques. Benefits not only include the range of samples that are suitable for analysis, but also the information content that is provided.


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