SiliCycle SiliaMetS E-PAK Lab Scale Operation Tutorial



September 18, 2020

SiliCycle SiliaMetS E-PAK Lab Scale Operation Tutorial This video showcases the steps for optimal use of the SiliaMetS® E-PAK lab scale - SiliaMetS® E-PAK Components - Inspection and assembly - System flush and conditioning - Solution treatment including flush solvent purging E-PAK products are radial flow adsorption cartridges developed specifically for pharmaceutical processing. Created with proprietary technology E-PAK cartridge products provide rapid adsorption kinetics at flow rates and processing capacities suitable for laboratory, pilot and commercial operations. Available with Activated Carbon and Metal Scavengers (SiliaMetS® Thiol and DMT) Learn more: For more information about the SiliCycle SiliaMetS® E-PAK Family, visit our website Follow SiliCycle on social media

Analytical TechniquesChromatographyDrug DiscoveryFlow Chemistry

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