iWash-Cell Counter Slide Cleaner



September 7, 2020

iWash® is the new revolution in the history of automated cell counting. iWash® cleans and recycles the single-use and disposable plastic cell counter slides. It is compatible with most automated cell counters, enabling each plastic slide to be recycled many times. This reduces the plastic waste of the lab and saves a lot of money by avoiding the purchase of new slides for single-use. Recycling old slides turns any automated cell counting into NO-SLIDE to buy.

iWash® is designed and invented by a research scientist to solve the ever increasing cost of his automated cell counting and to reduce the plastic waste of his lab. So iWash® is invented and developed by a scientist, to help other scientists.

The patented direct injection technology removes all of the cells from the used slides within seconds, while the specially designed wash fluid gently cleans, disinfects and reconditions the internal coating of the slide, making the old slides like brand new again.

iWash® is designed to be a small, compact, all in-one, Plug&Play system which does not require any calibration or servicing, making it very easily adopted by any lab.

For test results, testimonials, demo request, quotations and more info please visit www.imraliinventions.com

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