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September 3, 2020

For over 60 years, Organomation has been a leading provider of nitrogen evaporators for testing laboratories worldwide.

So, exactly what is a nitrogen evaporator? It’s laboratory equipment that is often used to prepare samples for analysis.

Used in a variety of industries, such as, environment testing, agriculture, food and beverage, medicine, quality assurance, forensics, oil and grease, and many more, nitrogen evaporators are used to dry and concentrate samples before further analysis using mass spec.

Samples are loaded into a nitrogen evaporator and then nitrogen blowdown is used, sometimes in conjunction with heat, to rid the sample of moisture.

Organomation’s benchtop evaporators deliver a gentle stream of nitrogen gas directly onto the sample.

The constant gas flow pushes off the vapor-saturated layer of air, which prevents the vapor from returning to the liquid.

This decreases the amount of excess solvent vapor lowering the pressure and allowing the sample to evaporate more quickly. This is especially important for small volumes, volatile, and semi-volatile samples.

Nitrogen blowdown is a method that does not require consumables; it is very gentle on the sample and is highly affordable compared to alternative options.
Organomation offers many variations of nitrogen blowdown evaporators for small volume samples through three main products lines: the popular N-EVAP line, the MULTIVAP and MICROVAP product lines.

The N-EVAPs utilize adjustable nitrogen blow down technology allowing full control of nitrogen flow to samples, with no wasted nitrogen gas. Flexibility is what sets the N-EVAP apart: unlike other small volume sample evaporators, the N-EVAP can hold several different types of vials and tubes at once without requiring separate heat blocks. Heated models with water baths or dry beads are available, as well as unheated models.

MULTIVAPs provide consistency for batch concentrations of a large number of samples at once. Tubes sit in either a heated custom-machined aluminum block or water bath. The nitrogen distribution manifold raises and lowers as a unit to start or stop evaporation to all samples with one motion.

MICROVAPs are compact units designed for 96-well microplates and small batches, often used by customers in the life science and pharmaceutical industries. Samples sit in a heated aluminum block custom-machined to fit your sample tubes. Models are available without heat for evaporatorations performed at ambient temperatures.

Now that you know more about Organomation’s nitrogen evaporators, it’s time to address your nitrogen source. After all, what is a nitrogen blowdown evaporator without the blowdown?

Organomation is proud to introduce the NITRO-GEN™, a portable and lightweight nitrogen gas generator that works with a lab’s existing compressed air supply to produce nitrogen gas. It is ideal for any lab looking for a low-cost solution to integrate with their clean air line.

Nitrogen blowdown evaporators can benefit laboratories by enabling them to evaporate small samples, large batches of samples, and to run multiple sample preparation methods simultaneously.

At Organomation, the flexibility of our instruments for your lab’s needs and affordability are what sets us apart.

Every instrument comes with complimentary lifetime product support.

Orgamomation’s nitrogen evaporators remain a fixture in labs now and for many years to come.
Please contact a sales technician today for the right nitrogen blowdown evaporator and generator for your needs.
+1 (978) 838-7300

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