ADME 101 Guide: Which Hepatocyte Test System Should I Use?



August 18, 2020

Presenter: Chris Bohl, Ph.D., Global Technical Support Manager

This ADME 101 video provides an overview of different types of hepatocytes, their unique benefits, and when you use them for in vitro preclinical DMPK studies. This short, information-packed webinar features:
- Why use hepatocytes instead of subcellular fractions
- A comparison between:
- primary and immortalized hepatocytes
- fresh and cryopreserved primary hepatocytes
- animal and human primary hepatocytes
- Descriptions of the different hepatocyte formats available
- A guide to selecting the right hepatocytes for your study
- Recommendations for selecting and using those hepatocytes
- An overview of tissue procurement and more...

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About the presenter: Dr. Chris Bohl received his PhD from the School of Biological Sciences from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and has been with SEKISUI XenoTech since 2014, first operating as a research scientist before becoming the Senior Manager of Technical Support for Products. Chris provides valuable guidance to scientists seeking to choose the correct test system, troubleshoot difficulties and much more.

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