Teach Me in 10 – 500 Women Scientists With Lauren Edwards



August 19, 2020

For this installment of Teach Me in 10, we have a very special guest: 500 Women Scientists (500WS)! 500WS is a grassroot organization, whose mission is to serve society by making science open, inclusive, and accessible and transform society by fighting racism, patriarchy and oppressive societal norms. It is growing in numbers and becoming a powerful organization that represents tens of thousands of women scientists across the globe. You might be familiar with the organization's platform, Request a Woman in STEMM, which connects journalists, educators, policy makers, scientists and any individual needing scientific expertise with women in STEMM across the globe. In this Teach me in 10, we're joined by Lauren Edwards, a doctoral candidate in neuroscience, director for the Fellowship for the Future and leader of the Reproductive Justice Initiative at 500WS. Lauren teaches us about how 500WS came to be, the mission and vision of the organization, and provides a handy tutorial on how to use the Request a Woman in STEMM platform.

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