Extraction Optimization and Control with Data Analytics



August 7, 2020

Keynoting at The Science of Cannabis Extraction in June 2020, Dr Markus Roggen, Founder of Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures presented his fascinating presentation on data analytics in cannabis extraction. Abstract: The cannabis industry has evolved and now faces common pressures of more established industries. Although, to reduce production costs, increase output and offer new products the old ways of cannabis productions reach their limits. At Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures, we have employed big data analytics to understand extraction processes at a fundamental level and developed insights that previously have been impossible to achieve. Our work helps producers spot inefficiencies in their production, implement better extraction protocols to target specific outcomes or just optimize yields. We achieve this in a minimally invasive manner, analyzing historic data from producers, and in combination with our in-house algorithm we spot a slowly dying pump, certain cultivars that need updated SOPs or can fine-tuning their oil quality. Having access to data of thousands of extraction runs gives us a unrivaled precision in process conditions. CBDV is a young research venture that seeks to add fundamental scientific insights to the field of cannabis production. The collaborative effort of the multidisciplinary research team at CBDV led to a diverse set of insight in every stage of production. Building on these insights, I propose a readjustment of research focus as we often fall into the trap of chasing the shiny objects, while disregarding the fundamentals that form the solid base for success in the long term.

Analytical TechniquesCannabis ScienceChromatographyMass Spectrometry

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