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July 14, 2020

For over 60 years, Organomation has been a leading provider of laboratory evaporation solutions. Organomation instruments are dependable sample preparation tools, hand built in the USA, to last for many years in laboratories worldwide. Thank you for choosing Organomation products!

The MICROVAP product line ( is designed for general evaporation of analytical or biological samples in 96 well microplates or small test tubes, including microcentrifuge tubes.

If you are unfamiliar with the use of the MICROVAP system or are working with a new procedure, it is recommended that a trial run be made using a sample blank to determine optimal operating conditions.

This equipment is designed for use by trained laboratory personnel for evaporative applications. Use of this equipment beyond its stated intended purpose and operating parameters is not recommended and will be the sole responsibility of the user.

First, carefully check the contents of all cartons received for damages which may have occurred in transit. Retain all cartons and packaging materials until the instrument has been assembled and tested. Contact Organomation immediately if any damages or discrepancies are found.

Your shipment should contain one or more of the following: A nitrogen manifold in either one, fifteen, or twenty-four positions, a heating unit, flowmeter assembly with mounting bracket, coiled connector tube assembly, blunt end needles, manifold thumb screws, hex key adjustment tool, stainless steel rod with a compression spring and offset collar, and a manual.

The MICROVAP should be located in a chemical fume hood.

First, position the heating unit on a flat surface.

Remove the two screws from the rear of the heating unit. Position the flowmeter bracket over the holes. Replace the screws to hold the flowmeter in place.

Use the hex key to loosen, the set screw in the aluminum block on the rear of the unit.

Insert the stainless steel rod in the aluminum block with the ball end facing up.

Center the alignment groove on the rod to the back face of the rear mounting block, facing away from the heating unit.

Screw the manifold thumb screws into the side of the instrument manifold. Screw the accessory thumb screw into the upper back of the instrument manifold.

Tighten the set screw to secure the rod in place.

Place the instrument manifold over the rod and lower until seated on the offset collar.

Adjustments can be made by using the alignment pin in the back of the manifold.

Attach the exposed end of the filter in the coiled connector tube assembly to the lower rear fitting of the flowmeter.

Attach the other end of the connector tube to your gas source.

Attach the manifold gas tube to the upper fitting located on the rear of the flowmeter.

Turn the bath rocker switch on. The illuminated portion should glow. Adjust the digital controller to the desired temperature set point.

To view the current set point, hold the “*” key. To change the current set point, hold the * key and press the up or down keys. The settings will be retained after the system is turned off.

Preheat the heat block. Swing the manifold away.

Place the microplate or sample tubes in the heat block. Re-center the manifold above the samples. An audible sound will indicate that the manifold is positioned in the alignment groove of the rod.

Loosen the manifold thumb knobs to adjust the instrument manifold along the rod.

Loosen the offset collar thumb knob to adjust the stopping height of the instrument manifold along the rod.

Vertically position the manifold 6 mm away from the plate.

Turn the manifold gas valve on.

Turn the flow meter needle valve off.

Turn on the gas flow to the instrument.

Slowly increase the gas flow by opening the valve on the flow meter until a visible dimple appears on the surface of the solution.

Evaporate as necessary or until dry.

Once installed, don’t forget to fill out the warranty and service registration form

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