12 Position N-EVAP Assembly Instruction | Organomation



July 14, 2020

For over 60 years, Organomation has been a leading provider of laboratory evaporation solutions. Organomation instruments are dependable sample preparation tools- hand built in the USA, to last for many years in laboratories worldwide. Thank you for choosing Organomation products! The N-EVAP product line provides controlled concentration of samples using a combination of nitrogen gas and a heated bath. If you are unfamiliar with the use of the N-EVAP system or are working with a new procedure, it is recommended that a trial run be made using a sample blank to determine optimal operating conditions. This equipment is designed for use in the analytical or environmental Laboratory by trained laboratory personnel for evaporative applications. Use of this equipment beyond its stated intended purpose and operating parameters is not recommended and will be the sole responsibility of the user. First, carefully check the contents of all cartons received for damage which may have occurred in transit. Retain all cartons and packaging materials until the instrument has been assembled and tested. Contact Organomation immediately if any damage or discrepancies are found. Your shipment should contain one or more of the following: The upper instrument, flow meter assembly with mounting bracket & connector tube, thermometer, 4inch by 19 gauge stainless steel luer lock needles, water bath, stainless steel gas supply tube, T-Handle Hex Key adjustment tools, and a manual. The N-EVAP should be located on a bench top or in a chemical fume hood if hazardous or flammable materials and solvents are to be used. Position the bath on a stable flat surface such as a lab bench or in a chemical fume hood Turn the bath switch to the “OFF” position. Turn the bath thermostat knob to its lowest position. Plug the bath’s electrical cord into a 3 wire grounded electrical outlet. Fill the bath with water to within a half an inch of the bath rim. Attach the flowmeter to the bracket mounted on the bath with the two screws provided. Connect the black coiled connector tube to a clean gas source (air or nitrogen). Your gas source should be capable of being regulated from 0 to 30 psi. If your source is above 30 psi, then you will need Organomation’s pressure reducing regulator, catalog number NA0630. Place the instrument and stand into the water bath or on a flat level surface. Connect the stainless steel gas tube into the swivel fitting at the top of the instrument. Insert the tube into the fitting as far as it will go, approximately half an inch. Pull the hoist assembly upright so that instead of being at a right angle to the center rod, it is sitting straight on top of it. Connect the lower end of the stainless steel gas tube to the fitting on the top of the flowmeter. Install the stainless steel thermometer into the fitting on the sample holder assembly. Tighten the nut to secure it in place. Adjustments to the support tray can be made by loosening the set screws in the collar and moving it up or down. Raise the tray to the desired height align the slots on the tray to match the test tubes, and re-tighten the set screws. If installing the optional sample holder for test tubes between 5 and 16 mm in outside diameter, loosen the set screws, slide the sample holder off the center rod, place the sample holder about 5 inches from the bottom of the rod, align the sample holder with the valve tubes to center the needles, and secure in place with the set screws. Stainless steel needles are supplied with a purchase a N-EVAP. Install the needles into the luer fittings at the bottom of the valve tube assembly by rotating the needle half turn. Do not over tighten. Raise all valve tubes to their highest position. Turn all needle valves on the valve tube assembly off by rotating clockwise. Close the valve on the flowmeter by rotating clockwise. Once assembled, don’t forget to fill out the warranty and service registration form.

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