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July 14, 2020

Organomation’s NITRO-GEN™ nitrogen generator ( provides nitrogen gas at a fraction of the cost of nitrogen cylinders and competing generators on the market. Designed for various lab applications, such as LCMS and blanketing, the unit can produce up to a 99 percent pure stream of nitrogen at up to 20 liters per minute.

It is ideal for any lab looking for a low-cost solution to integrate with their clean air line. It’s portable and lightweight, working with a lab’s existing compressed air supply to produce nitrogen gas. No electricity is required as it runs off of the pressure provided by the compressed air source.

New for 2019, the re-designed model offers improved pre-filtration, an easy to control flow rate, and can be mounted to a wall to save valuable lab bench space. It is a compatible with Organomation’s nitrogen evaporators up to 48 sample positions.

The NITRO-GEN uses a hollow-fiber membrane to convert compressed air to a stream of 95-99 percent pure nitrogen gas.

The hollow-fiber membrane consists of a series of narrow, semi permeable tubes in a porous membrane. As compressed air travels through the fibers, oxygen and water vapor permeate the membrane and are vented off, leaving a stream of high purity nitrogen gas.

Simply connect the NITR0-GEN to a compressed air source, identify your purity and confirm the flow rate needed with the chart provided by Organomation.

Set the source pressure to meet your required output. Set the adjustable flow meter to meet yourrequired purity flow rate.

For example, if your application requires 98 percent purity, you would need to set the generator to 87psi at 7.5 liters per minute.

Organomation stands behind its quality, which is why when you purchase a NITRO-GEN nitrogengenerator it comes with a one year warranty and complimentary lifetime product support.

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