What's Really Going on in Cannabis Trichomes?



June 18, 2020

The recent flood of genomics data for cannabis has allowed us to start asking some very detailed questions about what's going on under the hood with this plant. I will talk about using RNA expression data across multiple cannabis varieties to explore the surprisingly varied gene families underlying oil production, and the regulatory pathways that organize this work. Just looking at the cannabinoid pathway it is clear that there is substantially more complexity than we might have suspected. The bottom line is that there is an enormous amount of biology happening here that is on the one hand clearly relevant to the traits we care about, and on the other hand almost completely unexplored. Dr Keith Allen, Director of Bioinformatics at Front Range Biosciences presented his talk back in April at the Analytical Cannabis Online Expo 2020.

Cannabis ScienceChromatographyInformaticsMass Spectrometry

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