Innovation in Digital PCR: Maximizing Data Output from Precious Samples



June 17, 2020

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  • The commercialization of digital PCR platforms has sparked a revolution in quantitative nucleic acid detection over the past decade. Stilla Technologies’ Naica System, an established easy-to-use digital PCR platform, offers an innovative solution that quantifies in three colors while minimizing time to results. This webinar will present the features of the company’s new 6-color Crystal Digital PCR System and highlight a set of applications poised to greatly benefit from the increased multiplexing and high sensitivity of 6-color digital PCR. First, Alexandra Bogozalec from the National Institute of Biology in Slovenia will detail how her team has capitalized on the high-plex capacity of 6-color Crystal Digital PCR to simplify the time-consuming GMO quantification workflow and simultaneously quantify a set of genetically modified soybean lines at low target concentrations. This webinar will also discuss how the highly sensitive detection capability of 6-color Crystal Digital PCR benefits oncology applications. Allison Mallory of Stilla Technologies will present high-plex mutation detection in non-small cell lung cancer, colorectal and breast cancer samples and will show how 6-color digital PCR enables efficient therapeutic monitoring and early detection of treatment resistance through noninvasive liquid biopsy. By Alexandra Bogozalec Kosir, Research Assistant at the National Institute of Biology (Slovenia) & Allison Mallory, Director of Molecular Biology R&D at Stilla Technologies.

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