BenchCel Automated Microplate Handler



May 27, 2020

The BenchCel Microplate Handler is a fast and simple benchtop microplate storage and handling system that automates common, high-throughput lab workflows. The BenchCel features a high-speed robot, and its modular design provides the flexibility and scalability required to meet the needs of the most diverse laboratory applications. BenchCel can be interfaced with a range of BioTek instruments, including the EL406 and the MultiFlo FX Washer Dispensers to automate liquid handling operations. Synergy Neo2 and Epoch2 Microplate Readers enable detection workflows, while the Cytation 5 Imaging Reader allows the automation of detection and microscopy processes. Because the BenchCel accommodates a broad range of labware, including deep well microplates, many applications can be automated with a BenchCel integration. The variety of configurations allows automating common workflows such as: ● ELISA ● Add & read assays ● Cell Fix, Stain & Image Protocols ● And many others VWorks software offers an intuitive graphical interface and dynamic scheduling capabilities. Users can create and run protocols, forms and monitor progress of their workflows from VWorks. Related links: BenchCel Microplate Handler BioTek Robotics BioTek Multi-Mode Washer Dispensers BioTek Microplate Readers Agilent VWorks Automation Control Software


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