Sources of Contamination in Cannabis Production



December 16, 2019

Cannabis goods shall not be sold or released for retail sale unless a representative sample has undergone and passed all regulatory testing as required by California Code of Regulations Title 16 Division 42. Microbiological organisms, mycotoxins, heavy metals, residual pesticides, and solvents are contaminant categories of concern to the Bureau of Cannabis Control. There are many potential routes of entry for impurities when cultivating and manufacturing cannabis goods. Remediation of contaminated products is allowed, but not always effective, and items that fail safety testing are often not sold into the legal market. Understanding how goods become adulterated, employing proper practices, and testing throughout production results in fewer regulatory failures and glitches impeding a business’ success in this developing industry. Discover how cannabis licensees navigate regulations and mitigate risk; learn where issues arise and what effective remediation techniques are emerging in 2019.

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