Digital PCR for Tag Copy Number Assesment in CRISPR-Edited Cell Lines



December 4, 2019

Fluorescent proteins or self-labeling tags are invaluable tools for studying protein dynamics in living cells using fluorescence microscopy. However, quantitative imaging requires physiological levels of expression of the target protein of interest (POI), especially when stoichiometric interactions of the POI need to be investigated. CRISPR has enabled researchers to tag virtually any target gene of interest, resulting in physiological levels of expression of the corresponding POI. However, the generation and selection of cellular clones bearing the correct edit — that is, the expected number of tagged alleles and an absence of extra integrations — requires quantitative assessment of the tag copy number. This webinar will describe the use of dPCR as a quick method for quantitation of green fluorescent protein copy number in CRISPR-edited HeLa cells.The discussion will also include an introduction to dPCR working principles and post-acquisition data analysis methods. By Andrea Callegari & Moritz Kueblbeck, Research technicians from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg in collaboration with Stilla technologies & Genomeweb.

Analytical TechniquesCancer ResearchMicrofluidics

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