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November 1, 2019

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  • Organomation's line of S-EVAP solvent evaporators provides reliable parallel evaporation of large volume samples in both an affordable ad environmentally friendly package. Easily condense up to eight samples held in 500mL Kuderna Danish flasks simultaneously with Organomation's S-EVAP, Catalog number 12018. The instrument comes with a heated water bath, digital side control box; cover disks for unused sample positions, condenser holder and rotating water manifold. A glassware set for eight 500mL KD flasks with individual or central collection can be purchased separately. The instrumental comes with a control valve to adjust the flow of water to the condensers. One water supply line reduces the number of connections to the recirculated chiller or cold tap water. Water is then evenly dispersed through the hand built manifold. The instrument rotates, allowing easy access to all samples. Set the heat system to either manual or timed operation. It is recommended that the system be at operating temperature when samples are loaded. The timer function automatically turns the heat off once the evaporation is complete. The condensers may remain in the unit. Hot solvent vapor should be allowed to cool and condense into the solvent flask. This will reduce the solvent loss to the environment and help rinse the glassware. The green clips allow the collection flask to be removed with ease. This instrument features an easy-to-use empty collection vessels at each sample position. Solvent from each sample position can be discarded appropriately. For endpoint operations, place the concentrator tube directly into and N-EVAP nitrogen evaporator. Reduced the final volume to the endpoint desired. Unlike other evaporators on the market, the S-EVAP can recover up to 97 percent of solvent. Organomations S-EVAPs decrease evaporation times, allowing for a more productive laboratory. We stand behind our quality, which is why when you purchase an S-EVAP; it comes with a one year warranty and complimentary lifetime product support. Contact: +1 (978) 838-7300 (Music:

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