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October 4, 2019

Organomation’s high temperature dry block MULTIVAP (https://bit.ly/31pAR5O) products are an ideal choice for laboratories needing to gently and efficiently concentrate large batches of identical samples for a wide array of applications. The 48 position MULTIVAP comes with a heated aluminum dry block, which provides reliable uniform heat up to 120 degrees Celsius. Easily select the precise temperature needed for your procedure and the digital controller automatically maintains your chosen set point, ensuring consistent heating to delicate samples. The built-in timer allows the user to easily shut off the heat and nitrogen gas once the evaporation is complete. Nitrogen gas is delivered to samples through individual stainless steel needles connected to the hand built gas distribution manifold. The gas is controlled with the internally installed pressure reducing gas regulator and adjustable flow meter. When the user is operating the instrument with less than a full load, they can save valuable nitrogen gas by turning off any unfilled sample rows. Unlike other evaporation systems that offer generic sample rack sizes, each MULTIVAP is expertly designed to fit your test tubes. You provide us with your test tube measurements and our machinist custom crafts inserts to ensure optimal heat transfer. The nitrogen distribution array raises and lowers as a unit, making it easy to start and stop evaporation to all samples at once. Due to quality materials and reliability you would expect from a Made in America product, Organomation’s 48 position MULTIVAP continues to be an essential sample preparation instrument in laboratories worldwide. We stand behind our quality, which is why when you purchase a MULTIVAP, it comes with a one year warranty and complimentary lifetime product support. Contact: www.organomation.com sales@organomation.com +1 (978) 838-7300 (Music Credits: www.bensound.com)

Analytical Techniques

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