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September 9, 2019

Organomation's 12 position N-EVAP ® Nitrogen Evaporator (http://bit.ly/2XJYGqN) was the first commercially successful nitrogen evaporator of its kind and remains a dependable sample preparation tool in laboratories worldwide.

The N-EVAP® line provides controlled concentration of samples using a combination of nitrogen gas and a heated bath.

Our standard 12 position model comes with the popular water bath option which provides reliable, uniform heat.

Controlled by a simple mechanical thermostat, these baths are known for their longevity and are capable of daily use for many years.

Flexibility sets the N-EVAP® apart from other evaporators. Our unique sample holder is able to accommodate a wide variety of popular vial sizes without additional racks or accessories. An adjustable spring design holds each vial securely in place during evaporation.

Each needle is lowered until the tip is half an inch from the sample surface for optimal evaporation.

The N-EVAP® is easy to load—the sample holder rotates freely, allowing all samples to be accessed from the front of the instrument.

The N-EVAP® is a perfect fit for environments such as academic laboratories where several operators may be running different procedures at the same time.

Once samples have been loaded, the flow meter allows the user to easily adjust the flow of nitrogen entering the system.

The user is in full control of the nitrogen flow delivered to each sample with our chrome plated needle valves. Each valve rotates to allow the perfect amount of nitrogen flow to diverse samples.

Our dual band spring hoist assembly makes it effortless to lower the manifold and begin the evaporation.

Organomation® stands behind its quality, which is why when you purchase a 12 position N-EVAP®, it comes with a two year warranty and complimentary lifetime product support.

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