The introduction and synthesis route of small molecule kinase inhibitors approved by FDA in 2017



June 18, 2019

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  • A total of seven new small molecule kinase inhibitors have been approved by FDA in 2017. Protein kinases form a very large family of signaling proteins, with more than 500 encoded in the human genome. They have many diverse roles in cells and can be regulated in a variety of ways providing essential nodes in intracellular signaling pathways that act to define and/or integrate intracellular communication. A protein kinase is a kinase enzyme that modifies other proteins by chemically adding phosphate groups to them. Phosphorylation usually results in a functional change of the target protein by changing enzyme activity, cellular location, or association with other proteins. Protein kinases fall into two major categories, serine/threonine-specific protein kinases and tyrosine-specific protein kinases. Many researches proved that the protein kinases are the ideal drug targets. More at

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