INB Biomarker Analyzer Introduction



June 14, 2019

Our product is based on a technology called fiber optic particle plasmon resonance, or FOPPR for short. This technology synergistically combines the optical properties of gold nanoparticles with an optical fiber for the real-time and rapid detection of target analytes. Our platform-based sensing system offers great versatility in both the analyte of interest and the sample type. For example, in addition to the detection of immunoglobulin G in a standard sample, we’ve also detected other protein markers such as TNF-α and MMP-3 in synovial fluids from patients with osteoarthritis. We’ve also tested for methamphetamine, which is a small organic drug, in a sample of urine. But in addition to the great versatility of both the sample type and the analyte type, our Biomarker Analyzer offers a sensitivity in the picomolar range. But what’s even more impressive is that with our technology, with FOPPR, we can accommodate a much greater linear dynamic range when compared with the conventional ELISA method. Finally, our Biomarker Analyzer is very simple to operate. With a powerless liquid flow design of sensor chips, there’s no need for complicated external tubings. Basically, anyone who can use a micropipette can operate our Biomarker Analyzer. So by combining novel biomarkers with our cutting-edge sensing technology, we aspire to revolutionize immunoassay detection and analysis for a more efficient research and healthcare ecosystem. Because here at Instant NanoBiosensors, we believe we just might be able to save lives with light.

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