How do you analyze basic analytes at basic pH using LC-MS/MS ES+? | Trust Your Science 15



November 23, 2018

Can you get a good signal with LC-MS/MS using electrospray positive (ES+) with basic mobile phases? Kim and Jon test a variety of conditions using a hybrid column to find out what works to analyze basic analytes at basic pH in #TrustYourScience. Using a tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer, Kim and Jon test a variety of factors: Comparing signal intensity observed in electrospray ionization positive; using a hybrid column for best results in alkaline conditions, and ensuring elution at the same percentage organic. They screen under both basic and acidic mobile phase conditions to see where they can achieve a good MS signal and good MS sensitivity. Here's the related paper that they cite: Comprehensive investigation of the influence of acidic, basic, and organic mobile phase compositions on bioanalytical assay sensitivity in positive ESI mode LC/MS/MS

Analytical TechniquesChromatographyMass Spectrometry

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