Automated Purification of Nucleic Acids from Cannabis and Edibles



December 3, 2018

The recent legalization of medical and adult use of cannabis in some states, has led to an increased interest in the purification of nucleic acids from cannabis plant material and edibles. The purification of plant DNA is a key step in gene-based strain identification which is crucial for providing consumers information about products. In addition, many states require pathogen testing for cannabis products to assure consumer safety. This testing is increasingly carried out via DNA-based microbial analysis.

To support this kind of demand, Promega has developed a small, personal automation system called the Maxwell® RSC. This system automates many of the processing steps for nucleic acid purification. Individual kits include the necessary reagents for pre-processing and pre-dispensed purification cartridges. This short talk will briefly cover relevant examples that demonstrate the power of the system and how it could enhance DNA analysis in your lab.

Dr. Douglas Horejsh, Senior Research Scientist, Protein and Nucleic Acid Analysis Division of Research & Development, Promega Corporation was speaking at The Science of Cannabis Online Symposium 2018.

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